Today there are very few undisturbed ecosystems and the ones least
effected are the farthest away from us. By installing an Eco-friendly
Aquascape Designs water feature you can bring a natural habitat to your
own yard. Besides enjoying the beauty and sound of cascading water,
you can also observe the animals that colonize the area on their own.

Water is the source of all life and an Aquascape Designs 11 x 16
Signature Series water feature, installed properly, will allow nature to
flourish inside it year round. What a learning opportunity for your children!

At Playgrounds of Pearland we believe that children need to be outside
and away from the TV to grow and learn about themselves and others.
We make explorers not couch potatoes. By installing a pond system that
becomes self-sustaining in a controlled environment, children can
observe the ebb and flow of nature happening before their eyes.

The following are some of the pictures we took during our Build-a-Pond